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Estartit port

The foundation of the village l’Estatit is very recent. The first known news appear in the XVIII century. The beginning and the developing of l’Estatit as a town is closely tired with a sea calm period, this is coincident with a low pirate and corsair activity and wars between countries. In 1716 records show that five fishermen had set up in l’Estatit and in 1757 there were about twenty houses.

By the mid-century, the development of l’Estartit has been closely tied with marine activities. The existence of good and suitable places for casting fishing nets turned fishing in the main economic activity. Besides, the port had an important mercantile activity. We know that it was the point of departure for shipping wheat and rice to Barcelona. Coral was also an important economic power.

The gentlest period regarding the fishing history in l’Estatit must be situated in the period between its birth as a village until 1930. During that time different artisan technologies were used in sailing and rowboats that allowed withdrawing a very good profit of the excellent places for casting the fishing nets. We have to highlight two ways of fishing activities in l’Estatit : The Bou (to drug) and Sardinal or Barcada.

L’Estartit nowadays has very little in common with fishing activity. The impact of tourism has given another physiognomy to the village and the traditional fishermen number has decrease very fast. The first visitors built some elegant houses as Casa Salietti, built between 1917 and 1918…that give testimony of the wealth of its owners.

From the 50s, the tourist boom has changed the urbanism and the way of life of the inhabitants of the town. The first hotels are being built, as for example El Català (1960). Soon the fever of tourism forces the construction of big hotels, modern and high apartment buildings by the seaside, which substituted the modest houses of the fishermen.

Nowadays thanks to the city hall and economical european support from feder enclose within Marimed project, we try to rescue this historical past and traditional fishing culture.



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