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Studies and Research

MARIMED is an articulated, long-term project and the activities to be carried out by the various partners are numerous.

Depending on the type of activity, some will be carried out individually, while others will be developed collaboratively.

Through a constant exchange and comparison of information collected and developed, all partners involved in the project have carried out studies and research focusing on an analysis of the elements that characterize fishing ports.

These studies have concentrated on historical, ethnological and scientific surveys. Indeed, in any Mediterranean seaside resort, where the activity of fishing is an important component of the local economy, the port, the lighthouse, the fishing boats, fishing equipment and nets, jobs connected to the sea and local traditions all have an extremely important role.

This activity of research has made it possible to identify specific sectors and areas in which interventions can be made and in which it will be possible to carry out activities aimed at creating new tourist products capable of enhancing the value of fishing ports.