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Porto Torres

Founded as Roman colony in the 46 a.c. to work of Giulio Cesare with the name of Turris Libisonis, the city of Porto Torres and the relative name, it is born from the union of the ancient historical center of the city with the suburb of the fishermen that they resided in the zone of the I Bring.
Today as in the past Porto Torres is put in a strategic point, central in comparison to the Gulf of the Asinara, in front of the island homonym become National Park and Area Marina Protetta of extraordinary importance, thanks to the inestimable present archaeological and naturalistic patrimony. Up to the years ' 60 cities typically dock worker and marinara with strong traditions in the sector of the agriculture, during the years ' 70 are interested by a strong process of industrialization that, besides the reduction of the tied up activities to the agriculture and the fishing, it provokes exploitation of the present environmental and cultural resources missed her/it. The whole territory in fact, to offer a coastal line of remarkable merit paesaggistico constituted from magnificent bluffs and small delicious beaches, is particularly rich further of natural beauties and of cultural good of notable merit, of varied historical and prehistoric epoches:

  • the Basilica of St. Gavino, the church more great and ancient pisana of Sardinia
  • the Bridge Romano, monumental bridge built in the first half the I° century d.c., one of the few you still integrate present in Europe
  • the Building of Barbaric King, complex thermal of the Roman period
  • the characteristics Towers Aragonesi, testimony of the system of coastal towers that dressed again an essential defensive function for the coast populations in Sardinia
  • two chiesettes medioevali (St. Gavino to Sea and holy Maria of Balai), tied up to the history of the protecting martyrs of the city
  • different monuments risalenti to the period nuragico and the important necropolis of On Crucifissu Mannu one of the principal basins European fossils.

The historical-cultural patrimony of the city is enriched besides by the presence of the I Bring, one of the elements who characterizes the territory mostly. Interested by imposing jobs of remaking, in the time you/he/she has become, together with the tradition marinara, a constant element that ties the city to his/her origins besides to dress again a central role in the regional portualità, what according to I bring for importance in the movement commodities - momentary.

I bring Torres therefore, thanks to the natural position in a line of coast between the most suggestive, to the wealths historians and dispositions and to the location baricentrica of the I bring in comparison to the Mediterranean Western, dress notable potentialities which I center of strong tourist call. The present navy is still characterized from the predominance of crafts of dwarfish dimensions and from a substantial presence, during the last years is assisted each other to a progressive impoverishment of the number of the employees. The more meaningful fish products of the navy are: the blue fish (sardines and anchovies), the molluscs (octopuses, squids and seppie), the shellfishes (lobsters and shrimps) and the fishes leading (mullets, saraghi and pagelli).

Currently an important investment is recorded from the youngest fishermen in alternative activity to the traditional fishing or however you combines to it, as for instance the pescaturismo.

The opening to activity of this kind represents a very positive signal of one, initial, taking of conscience of the great opportunities of development that the match between the sector it fishes and that tourist you/they can determine for the whole territory.



Currently an unique referente that represents the whole navy doesn't exist. A Consortium 10 society exists (CO.PE.GA), a coperativa constituted by the operators of the fishing to trailing and other small cooperatives. Many fishermen don't result therefore appartenenti to none of these him it is in attended that I/you/he/she find an accord and that him individuals a referente for the whole compartment of Porto Torres.