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The active participants of MARIMED are spread over several nations and, within each, in different geographical areas.

It is therefore important to created a network within which it is possible to communicate and share work being carried out and to create a permanent system of relationships between public and private organisations working in the territory.

The final aim is to establish a "professional community" constituted by those working in the field but also by tourists who are attentive and sensitive to the themes developed within the project.

From this point of view a fundamental aspect will be the use of new information and communication technologies and, in particular, the Internet. This is why this multilingual website has been created in which it is possible to find information about Mediterranean fishing ports.

The information contained on the site will be useful for the project’s partners, who will constantly contribute to the information available, but also to tourists and those who simply love the sea. Indeed, these latter groups will be able to find stimulating, interesting and continually updated information regarding the union between fishing and tourism.