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Mazarrón - Pesca

Mazarrón is set in a wide bay that opens up into the Mediterranean and has a coastline of 35 km. It has two important urban centres: the port and the town capital, five kilometres from the coast. Since its origin, the name of Mazarrón has been linked to the mining wealth of its mountain ranges, which are rich in lead, zinc, silver, iron, alum and red ochre. In Phoenician, Punic and Roman times, great work was carried out in the mines, leaving behind an abundance of archaeological remains. The Arabs also settled in the area, attracted by its mineral wealth. After the Christian Reconquest, the place known as Casas de los Alumbres de Almazarrón was formed as a consequence of the mines that were opened in the 15th century. Its strategic position turned it into a bastion of defence of the neighbouring lands of Lorca and Cartagena, proof of which may be seen in the numerous defence towers that were built to stop the Saracen advance from Africa.

Mazarrón became very important at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th, during which time iron and galenite were mined. Once the wealth of the mines had been exhausted, Mazarrón developed an important tourist industry and agriculture, and at the same time, promoted its seafaring and fishing tradition. This activity can be seen in the port, with its fish market and shallow-water fishing boats.

As the result of its rich history, the streets of Mazarrón contain interesting monuments. Of special interest are its Town Hall and the Former Cultural Centre, which are of Modernist style and stand as indications of the splendour of the beginning of the century. Behind the Town Hall is the church of San Andrés (16th century), with a beautiful Mudejar coffered ceiling and nearby, the Convent of La Purísima (the patron saint of the town). It is also possible to visit the ruins of the Castle of the Vélez family. Out of the town, there are other towers, such as the Torre de Vieja de la Cumbre (17th century) in the port, the Tower of Los Caballos and the Tower of Santa Isabel in Bolnuevo and, on the hill of El Molinete, a watchtower with a circular layout.

Besides the wealth of monuments, Mazarrón offers beautiful places which stand along the 35 km of its coastline and enjoy the protection of its 300 days of sunshine per year and average temperature of 20ºC. Opposite the Beach of Bolnuevo is one of the most spectacular landscapes of the region, where, on white sandstone, the erosion of the wind and the water has sculpted beautiful shapes, known as Bolnuevo Erosions. Beaches such as La Reya, Bahía, Nares or El Castellar and virgin coves such as Cala Amarilla, La Grúa Beach, Parazuelos, Covaticas, Ballenato, Percheles, etc., offer ideal conditions for beach and sea lovers or for those who enjoy long walks along the seashore.

Mazarrón is also the ideal place for enjoying a complete range of leisure possibilities, nautical activities and active tourism. The Mazarrón marina has 200 mooring points. In its regatta club, competition is combined with courses at beginners and advanced levels. It is also possible to practise rowing, sea paragliding, water-skiing and speedboat racing. Divers can also find many clubs that organise courses at all levels together with diving expeditions to enjoy the beauty of the rocky sea bottoms, spectacular underwater caves and grottos.

Mazarrón also has a great deal to offer the rural tourist in the way of scenery and the traditions of its mining and maritime past. Its protected natural areas of Sierra de las Moreras and La Muela Cabo Tiñoso offer the chance of getting closer to nature in an area of great environmental value and interest.


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