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Ports de Marseille

There are 14 ports belonging to the "commune" of Marseilles (administrative district):

  • 4 large ports called "Vieux Port", "Le Frioul", "L’Estaque" and "la Pointe Rouge"
  • 10 small ports

Among those 14 ports, 13 are located in the Southern part of Marseilles, between the archipelago called Frioul and the deep narrow creek of Morgiou.

Either naturally or artificially created, the 14 ports are run by 26 clubs ("sociétés nautiques") and offer a total of 7583 berths, whichmakes of Marseilles the second largest marina in Europe, right after Chichester (England).

1 - Vieux Port

The "Vieux Port" has always constituted the heart of the city: Located downtown, in what used to be the deep narrow creek of Lacydon, it is the very site where the first Greek sailors settled 2600 years ago.
With the first industrial revolution, the Vieux Port turns out to be too small for the city’s commercial trade, Marseille being the largest port in France.In the middle of the 19th century, a new port is built , in the northern part of the City along the Joliette quays, so that the Vieux Port remains exclusively dedicated to yachts.
The quay called "Fraternité" (formerly called "Quai des Belges"), is the place of call for the National Marine. It is also there that the traditional fish market takes place, and that you may take the small motor boats going the islands of Frioul and the "If" castle . Prestigious calls and official events take place on the quay called "Quai d’Honneur", in front of the City Hall. Finally, the quay "Consignes – Douanes" next to the "Fort Saint Jean" is dedicated to unexpected calls.

Navigation landmarks: 43°17’,8 N – 005°22’,0 E
Facilities: 3200 B on quay and pontoons; 20 V ( < 100 m and 5 m draught)
Draught: 5,5 m to 7,5 m

2 - Port du Frioul

Port facilities were created in the 1970’s.
In the 19th century, a break-water was built between two of the three islands of the Frioul, which thus constituted a harbour that was rearranged later, with an artificial village in the 1970’s.

Navigation landmarks: 46°16,7 N – O5°18,5 E
Facilities: 600 B including 1OO V
Draught: outer jetties 7 to 11 m; entrance passage 8 m; Basin 6 m

3 - Port de la Pointe Rouge

The "Pointe Rouge" is located in the south of Marseilles, on a peninsula. It dates back to 1969.

Navigation landmarks: 43°14’,0 N – 005°21,9 E
Facilities: 1320 B

4 - Port de l’Estaque

The word "estaque" means "bond" in Provençal, that which is used to moor.
Until the beginning of the 19th century, the little village called Estaque, located in the northern part of Marseilles, used to be a fishermen’s village.Then, the development of industrial activities in the area brought about the creation of a flotilla composed of about thirty tartans, and the settlement of workers coming from different countries like Spain or Italy.
At the end of the 19th century, industrial activities (chemical engineering, shipyards, mining) and tourism were the 2 main sectors of development. Indeed, many painters like Paul Cézanne, or writers like Emile Zola came there to find out inspiration
The Estaque port went through a period of economic crisis in the 20th century, with mass fishing and the decline of local industrial activities, especially shipyards.
Ye , the port and its area remain very popular for Marseilles’inhabitants, with strong local habits and traditions carried on by cultural and maritime associations.

Navigation landmarks: 43° 21’ N – 005° 19,0 E

5 - Port de Callelongue

Callelongue is a natural port, located in the southern part of Marseilles: it is a former fishing port that turned into a marina.

Navigation landmarks: 43° 12,7N – 05° 12,2 E
Facilities: 50 B

6 - Port les Croisettes

Les Croisettes is a natural port,located in the southern part of Marseilles: it is a former fishing port that turned into a marina. This place is listed.

Navigation landmarks: 43°12,9 N – O5°20,3 E
Facilities: 16 B

7 - Port de l’Escalette

Former fishing port that turned into a marina, located in the southern part of Marseilles.

Facilities: 30

8 - Port de la Fausse Monnaie

La fausse Monnaie is located in an urban area, in the southern part of Marseille. It is a former fishing port that turned into a marina.

Facilities: 25 (mostly occupied by local yachtsmen)

9 - Port des Goudes

The port is located in a semi-urban area, all around the village called les Goudes. It is both a fishing port and a marina, 6 fishermen still being working there. Hidden in a narrow creek, the quay is 50 m long. It is a listed site.

Navigation landmarks: 43°13,0 N – 5°20,8 E
Facilities: 160 B
Draught: Outer harbour: 3 m - Basin: 1,5 m

10 - Port de la Madrague de Montredon

Located in a semi-urban area called Montredon. Both a fishing port and a marina. 200 m quays.
Mooring: 2 catways
Draught: 1 to 2 m
The western quay and half of the southern quay are for fishing boats only (10 fishermen), the other quays being dedicated to local yachts.

Navigation landmarks: 43°14’,0 N - O5 °21,2 E
Facilities: 70 B

11 - Port de Malmousque

Located in an urban area, in the southern part of the city, it’s a fishermen’s village that became a marina.

Facilities: 50 B

12 - Port de Morgiou

Natural site, (listed) in the deep narrow creeks called Calanques. Both a fishing port (3 fishermen) and a marina.

Facilities: 117
Draught: Outer harbour 4 m

13 - Port de Sormiou

Small fishing port and marina, in the southern part of Marseilles, in the Calanques. Listed site.

Facilities: 15
Navigation landmarks: 43°12,4 N - O5°26,0 E
Draught: between 4 and 10 m in the calanques

14 - Port du Vallon des Auffes

Located in the southern part of Marseilles, it is both a marina and a fishing port (9 fishermen). It is famous for the "Bouillabaisse", Marseilles’ typical dish made with fish.

Facilities: 50 B



Port Office: Marseille Provence Métropole, Communauté Urbaine
Direction Des Ports et aéroports BP 48 014
13 567 Marseille, Cedex 2 - France
Tel: (33) 4 91 99 72 54

Port Office - Port de l’Estaque (4): Port Autonome de Marseille
2, place de la Joliette BP 81 96
13 226 Marseille, Cedex 2 - France
Tel : ( 33) 4 91 39 40 00