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Carloforte - Bobba

The first concession contract we know of dates back to 1698. It was stipulated between the king of Spain and a merchant from Cagliari who ran the tuna fish trap until 1711. In that year the king of Sardinia gave the whole property of the tuna fish trap to Don Francesco Pes.

In 1774, Piana island was infeudated with the contiguous Ratti island to Don Francesco Pes who gained the title of Villamarina Marquis. In 1898, the Marquis Salvatore Pes of Villamarina and Azeglio, directly performed fishing activity according to the techniques of the time and invested large sums of money into the full refurbishment of the plant and the land settlement, giving Piana island the style and structure which can still be seen today, despite a few changes.

In the sixties, the Villamarina marquis handed over the fishing activity to Ligure Sarda Spa, and then from 1990 to Carloforte P.I.A.M. tuna fish traps.In 1964 the village was abandoned, but every year the tuna fish trap is let down into the sea and until the end of June it is possible to see the tuna massacre known as the “mattanza”. The catch is always processed in the plant situated on the San Pietro island cape.



Municipality of Carloforte


Carloforte Tonnare P.I.A.M. s.r.l.
Via XX Settembre 23/9, 16121 Genova

Località La Punta, 09014 Carloforte (Cagliari)
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Fax: 010 587934