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The small but outstanding municipality of Montgat is located in the Catalan region of Barcelona and has 7609 inhabitants. Due to its geographical situation the main part of its population work in Barcelona.

The main feature that defines this municipality it’s its abrupt geography in which have to be outlined the hills and the coastal range. Montgat has Mediterranean vegetation and cliffs with wonderful views to the sea. Mountains like Les Guixeres or La Marquesa form this range.

The urban centre is located around Montgat’s mountain and owes its beauty to several buildings and monuments such as the defence tower of Ca L’Alzina, Sant Martí’s Romanic church and the manor house of Montsolís marquises.

Currently, agriculture and fishing, that were really outstanding in the past, have almost disappeared from the life of this municipality. Nowadays, the industries that are important are construction industries (concrete), chemical and pharmaceutical products and metallurgy.

Montgat has some typical festivities. No doubt the most important are the popular race “Mar y Montaña” (Sea and Mountain) in May, apart from other festivities such as Sant Joan, on the 24th June and Sant Jordi, on the 23rd April.


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