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The small municipality of Calella is located in Barcelona’s province and has 16008 inhabitants.

Calella is situated in a unique natural landscape, close to the Montnegre Natural Park and Hortsavinyà, where visitors have the opportunity to make excursions by feet or by bike. In the same municipality, in Dalmau Park, we can enjoy the view in “Les Torretes”, a wonderful vantage point where you can look down on the Mediterranean Sea and Manuel Puigvert promenade.

Tourists in Calella can benefit from the three beautiful beaches there: Garbí, Gran and les Roques, all of them long and sandy with modern facilities to assure comfort to visitors.

This municipality offers to its guests popular festivities such as the Festes Majors de Minerva and Calella and Alt Maresme’s Fair between the 20th and the 26th September.


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