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The municipality of Badalona is located in Barcelona’s province and has 205836 inhabitants.

Its excellent geographical situation, between sea and mountains, and its 5 kilometres of beaches, turn Badalona into an exceptionally good place within the metropolitan area of Barcelona. It is one of the most ancient cities of Catalonia and, consequently, with more historical interest, together with Tarragona, due to its origins from the 1st century BC. It was founded by the Romans who called it Baetulo.

Among its cultural and historical heritage there are many interesting buildings, architectonically wise, such as Sant Jeroni de la Murtra’s monastery, from the 16th century, and Can Canyadó fortress, from the 15th century, that gives good example of the typical architecture of the Catalan coast. Another wonderful attraction is Casa Pavillard, a modernist building built in 1906 by Joan Amigó i Barriga.

The promenade, inaugurated in the late 80’s, makes possible for the visitors to enjoy the sea breeze.


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