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Arenys de Mar

The municipality of Arenys de Mar is located in Barcelona’s province and has 13428 inhabitants.

Arenys de Mar is one of the towns with more fishing tradition in the province. The harbour, for years the only one in all Barcelona’s northern coast, is a good example of the long fishing history and traditions of the village. Its beaches are surrounded by hills that reach the sea.

The harbour is one of the visits that cannot be missed. The fish market, every afternoon once the boats arrive, is a picturesque image that attracts many visitors. It has to be mentioned that fishing and all its related industries developed around the harbour, as the dockyards, are the most important economic motors of the village. This port concentrates almost the whole fishing fleet of the region.

There is ample space in the port reserved for yachts. During the summer, many sailing boats anchor here on their Mediterranean journey. The shipyard is still an important local industry.

Within the urban centre, there are quite a few places which deserve a visit. The parish church of Santa Maria has one of the most important baroque reredos in Catalonia, built at the beginning of the 18th century by the sculptor Pau Costa. If you go along the Church street, you will come out to the Marés Museum of Lacemaking and the Mollfulleda Museum of Mineralogy.

The municipality of Arenys has also the typical local festivities that every visitor cannot miss. Two village festivals are held in honour of Sant Zenón (9th April) and Sant Roc (16th August), and a big fair is celebrated on Sant Joan (24th June).


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